Monday, March 10, 2014

Accepted Moderator - LittleLary

     LittleLary's moderator application has been accepted. He has been properly trained and has begun his moderator work.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mod & Admin Applications

   Moderator and admin applications have been created. You can find them in the application section of the forum. Currently admin applications are closed. They will be opened when needed. I'll publish updates for when they are up.

Adsense Reactivation

Unfortunately google has denied our appeal for reactivation. Meaning we will no longer receive funding from ads. I will be searching for another company that may be interested in advertisements. Suggestions would be grand.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Android App

   I've created a neat little android application that allows you to do a few things. It has four menu buttons:

  • Home - (
  • Forum - (
  • RSS - An RSS feed with development updates and information on upcoming moderators. Not to much otherwise.
  • Teamspeak - My favorite. Shows whose on Teamspeak.

Download link:


Suggested you understand how to install .apk files on android devices.

Guild Channel Management

   Alright, a long awaited feature is now here. Guild leaders will be assigned an invisible tag. This tag will allow them to create Permanent channels. As well as allow Guild leaders to turn Temporary channels into Permanent channels. There is a second tag available that will allow for the creation of Temporary channels. This tag is to be assigned to trusted members because abuse can result in termination. On top of the ability to create channels Guild leaders now have the ability to kick clients from their room and change their rooms password.

Tag names: (Tags do not appear on name).

  • Guild Leader
  • Channel Manager

Guild Leader's Abilities:

  • Create Perma, Semi-Perma, and Temporary channels.
  • Modify channels inside their guild to Perma, Semi-Perma, and Temporary.
  • Ability to modify channels title, description, password, and etc.
  • Limited audio control.
  • Ability to kick users from room.

Channel Manager's Abilities:

  • Ability to create Temporary channels.
  • Ability to password, title, and description.
  • Limited audio modification.

Submit an Application

     Now that I've deviled a bit deeper in to Ember gaming's web host provider I've been able to create an application form that will make submitting a request for a guild channel much easier.  Because this project is run freely I can am limited in the amount of money I may spend on this. Therefor I had to split the forum into two separate parts for now, though it is still easy to fill out.

Be warned, IPs are recorded.

[|ER|] Server Admin

     A benefit that Ember Gamings Teamspeak offers is our favorite friend the server admin. He is always watching, even though you can't see him. You can call him a her if that'd make you more comfortable. She'll watch to see if your name is foul so she can kick you from the server. She'll watch your teamspeak activity and when you go afk for an hour she'll move you to afk. Now lets get a bit serious.

Here is a list of what the server admin does:

  • Kicks foul names and leaves a complaint for admins to check on.
  • Removes foul named rooms.
  • Afk monitoring
  • Automatically moves users to rooms based on tags assigned to them by moderators+
  • Welcome message
  • Notifies moderators+ when a guest joins the server.
  • Speaks to me when I'm lonely.
  • Information for myself on when someone last joined the TS.
  • Many more that are currently disabled.